Hang "No Parking" Signs

Gather your friends, coworkers, or team and help us post "No Parking" Signs along the OpenStreetsPGH route!


  • Able to walk/bike 3.5 - 4 miles
  • Comfortable working with others
  • Friendly, energetic, and communicative

We will meet at Mellon Park Shelter, the pavilion near the parking lot off of Fifth Ave & Beechwood Blvd.

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Morning Set Up

Help us with early morning set-up, help remove "No Parking" signs, then go and enjoy our city's car-free streets!


  • Set up tents and tables at your assigned program hub
  • Display OpenStreetsPGH signs and merchandise
  • Remove "No-Parking" signs closest to designated hub

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Intersection Hero

Help us keep things safe and fun for everyone at OpenStreetsPGH! Work in a team to let participants know when it is their turn to cross an intersection. Use an array of fun supplies like swim noodles and foam hands to direct passersby.


  • Ensure that participants stay clear of intersections when vehicles are crossing
  • Communicate with the crossing guard/police officer at your intersection
  • Engage participants with music, demonstrations, games, or activities

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Barricade Monitor

Help keep OpenStreetsPGH car-free. Keep watch of barricades along side streets and offer vehicles alternative routes as needed. Set up a lawn chair and an umbrella and watch the crowd bike/walk/dance by!


  • Must be 18 years or older
  • Be polite, yet firm with instructions
  • Familiarize yourself with alternate/side streets

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Program Hub Volunteer

Work with the BikePGH team at an OpenStreetsPGH tent to sell merchandise and answer participants' questions.


  • Sell merchandise to participants
  • Share information with participants about the route
  • Sign up participants for BikePGH membership

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Volunteer Floater

Help fill in for whatever additional volunteer needs arise throughout the day.


  • Flexibility to take on several different kinds of roles unexpectedly throughout the day
  • Ability to travel the distance of the 4.5 mile course by bike multiple times throughout the day

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OpenStreetsPGH - Volunteer Night

Do you prefer working behind the scenes? Come out for an OpenStreetsPGH-themed Volunteer Night and help us take inventory and organize event gear and merchandise. There will be plenty of beer and pizza to go around :)

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Thank you for signing up to volunteer.